The People’s Membership Program (TPMP)

The People’s Membership Program (TPMP) was created provide store credit to its members for providing new customers information on The People’s Store (TPS) products. TPMP members earn store credit on every product purchased by the customers/members brought to the store and linked to them on. This means that when a TPS product is purcha sed the TPMP me mber always receives store credit from all related sales of the customers/members they introduced to The People’s Store.

The People’s Membership Program is a Free store credit program.

TPMP was designed to benefit from the communication between the People. We believe that there is no better way to market our products than from word of mouth. The People’s TPMP Members share information about the products of The People’s Store and based on providing TPS product information receives store credit on any resulting product sales.

The People’s Member has new customers/members linked to their TPMP account by providing their membership number. (Note: A new customer/member is required to input a membership number (or use default 001 account) to join the program)

New customers that input the TPMP member’s ID number will added to that member’s account within the member’s membership area and store credit will be received with every purchase made by the new linked customer/member.

Also, joining gives you access to All-Natural Remedies shared by TPS and other TPMP members of The People’s Store.

Current accredited products: The People’s Oil, which is an All-Natural Skin (healing) Oil; ReBorn, which is an All-Natural Hair Restoration Oil and The REMEMBER Band, which is a mental health product that supports the passions and goals of the people.

Initially One-dollar store credit will be received by TPMP members on all purchases of The People’s Oil, ReBorn and The Remember band.

All TPMP Member’s Store Credit balance that total over 40 (US) dollars will be paid (unless member requests balance to remain within their account) by corporate check. All corporate checks will be mailed to the member’s address as indicated within the member’s TPMP account.

Store Credit can be applied to any TPS product purchase at checkout.

TPMP Corporate Checks: A one dollar and fifty cents {$1.50} administration fee is charged for each corporate check dispersed.