200ml Bottle

The People\'s Oil

The People’s Corporation (TPC) is proud to bring you The People’s Oil (TPO); a powerful Natural Healing Oil formulated by a revolutionary binding process of specific enhanced natural oils and nutrients that keep all the Connective Tissues strong and supple. TPO protects against the break down of the skin’s cell structure by healing the epidermis and dermis with essential vitamins and minerals implementing cell regeneration. TPO stimulates blood circulation and has amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which aid its astonishing ability to heal and treat all types of skin problems. TPO has been specially designed to promote the skin’s ability to absorb and maintain essential moisture by neutralizing the pollutants in our environment and harmful chemicals in today’s commercial (tap) bathing waters. These amazing properties combined render TPO the best natural healing and anti-ageing product of our generation. TPO is proven to aid the healing of: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Eczema, Stretch Marks, Scare tissue, Haemorrhoids, Sunburn, Diaper rash and many more…

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